Candleberry Candles!

Custom Framing Solutions will be selling Candleberry Candles beginning in mid-November. These are, in my personal opinion, the very best smelling candles ever! To get it all started, we are doing a fund-raiser for the Bremen Middle School students that are going to Washington DC in the spring. They are selling the candles before they will be available at my store. The students will receive 25% of the sales that they make! The candles are all priced as they will be priced in the store too. No mark-ups! I hope you support the students by purchasing some candles from them!

Candleberry items.

Candleberry items.

1000 Words That Last A Lifetime



Have you ever thought about how many words a thousand words is? They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but just what does that really mean? According to some brief web research, a thousand words typed in Times New Roman Font and 1.5 spacing at size 12 takes up 2 ½ pages!

Tammy Venable has perfected the art of telling stories with her photographic works. From animal life, to landscapes, Tammy has an eye that sees the story behind the naked image. You might look at a frog and think “wart.” Tammy looks and sees “artwork”. You may never fully grasp all that a picture is really saying, but Tammy hears the volumes of words a potential photographable event, landscape of person is screaming, and she captures it to share with the world.

So, as you go through life, take time and be like Tammy. Savor the day, the surroundings…even the frogs that come into your life. One thing is certain…this blog only had 164 words…a picture might have been able to say more than 5 times more!1133273610-12533a